Hand-Trimming:  Starting with a superior line of hogs that have been bred and raised to the most exacting standards, then carefully selecting the very best of the best cuts, results in the highest-quality, most flavorful pork you can serve. Farmland® DURoC Pork. Legendary reputation. Genetically superior. Guest preferred.

Passion for Pork: Distinctive marbling offers a more natural tenderness and juiciness. State-of-the-art harvesting methods produce unparalleled color and freshness. The legendary bloodline results in amazing taste. It all adds up to pork that offers an exceptional meal experience.

Difference You Can Taste:  Every cut of Farmland® DURoC Pork is selected from the top 20% of our total pork production. USDA process verified and natural, our pork is raised in the United States, no added hormones, no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed.

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