Milk Fed

Berry Veal uses free range dairy calves. In order for the dairy to produce milk the cow needs to give birth every year. Once the milk starts to flow the cow is put back into the dairy herd for milking.

Since they don’t need many male calves to inseminate the herd we use those calves in our process. These free range calves are never penned in and are allowed to roam free. Their diet is only fresh mothers milk. We use no artificial ingredients or other fillers. It is a completely natural diet.

Certified Dutch Veal

Also commonly referred to as “Milk Fed, Formula Fed or Nature veal”. This veal refers to calves fed a ‘special’ all-liquid diet of milk replacer formula. Originating in Holland, this raising system was brought to the US in the 1950’s. Veal farmers typically raise Holstein bull calves, which are fed liquid whey, the by-product of cheese production. Calves are approximately 18-22 weeks of age and 400-500 lbs at live market weight, with a mild pink colored meat, with a firm and velvety texture.

Special-fed veal calves are raised in barns which provide protection from disease and predators. Traditionally, veal calves have been housed individually. Recently, more veal farmers have begun to raise calves together in groups, while continuing to provide for the individual care and well-being of each calf.