Our American lamb comes from a few selected feedlot operations in the Western U.S. Lambs are fed according to Catelli Brothers’ exacting specifications so all our products are of the highest consistency and quality.

The farmers and ranchers that are raising your lamb are family focused, entrepreneurial and dedicated to the health and welfare of their animals and the land. They are innovators and food artisans who are passionate about raising the best quality meat in the most natural way. Since it is in the lamb producers’ best interest to raise a healthy lamb, there’s an undeniable bond between these family-run ranches and range operations and their flocks. It demands 24/7 attention and lamb producers have built their lifestyle around that commitment.

Before it makes it to your table, American Lamb is raised by dedicated farmers and ranchers with a shared connection to the land, the animals, and the local communities they serve across America. There are more than 80,000 family farmers and ranchers caring for over 6 million sheep throughout the United States. Lamb is produced in every state from small flocks in the NE, SE, and Midwest to larger range operations in the West.

Sold as Boxed Lamb, Single Loin & Portion Control.

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