When serving up the best is your passion, you insist on the best beef. You know there is no cutting corners on quality, because the proof is always going to be on the plate.

That’s exactly why Chairman’s Reserve insist on only the highest quality, vetted by the strict Chairman’s Reserve® Certified Premium Beef certification process. Focus on marbling, grading and aging of cattle, all to make sure you have a delicious meal.

CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE ® CERTIFIED PREMIUM BEEF “good enough” isn’t what you look for when you step up to the grill. There’s a passion that goes into preparing a great steak, and it’s the same passion put into Chairman’s Reserve products. This is where beef is made great: by those who sell it and those who celebrate it.

The flecks of fat located in the muscle are known as “marbling.” When a cut has more marbling, it tastes all the more delicious. Less than 25% of USDA Choice beef meet our specification for marbling.

Grading: Prime and upper 2/3 Choice grades provide the highest quality beef, which is why Chairman’s Reserve Beef undergoes a thorough USDA certification process to ensure all our beef meets these standards.

Sold as Boxed Beef, Single Loin & Portion Control.

Crowning Achievement

With prime quality, exceptional marbling and premium maturity.

A Passion for Great Taste

Great times begin with great beef – Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef.

Certified Premium Beef

Chairman’s Reserve® Certified Premium Beef provides consistency, color and flavor.