A name, a destination and a brand known throughout the West for quality beef—is consistently recognized as the most progressive, innovative and quality-conscious beef producer on the West Coast.

The same grass-raised and grain-finished beef that generations of travelers have enjoyed at the Harris Ranch Restaurant in California is available nationwide for foodservice operators seeking a superior center-of-the-plate offering.

Harris Ranch remains a preferred brand of beef due to how they raise their beef, as well as exemplary animal welfare and food safety practices.

Only truly exceptional Black Angus beef earns the distinctive Certified Angus Beef® label. In fact, only one in four animals meet the carcass specifications needed to qualify for this exclusive Harris Ranch brand.

Set apart from the best of the USDA Choice and Prime grades, Certified Angus Beef® is incredibly flavorful, tender and juicy.

Available in USDA Prime & High Choice. Sold as Boxed Beef, Single Loin & Portion Control.

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